Featured Image for Designer creates adorable illustrations that make it easy to learn Arabic

Designer creates adorable illustrations that make it easy to learn Arabic

Learning a new language is hard, especially if you also have to study foreign characters. But what if instead of studying complex lines and squiggles, you’ll study cute pictures of cats and dogs?

Mahmoud Tammam, a graphic designer from Egypt, combines words with the images they represent to make learning Arabic a visual experience, ultimately making the task easier and fun. He cleverly manipulates the curves and lines of the Arabic alphabet to illustrate animals, food, and even landscapes.

For instance, the curves of the word ‘koala’ are turned into the marsupial’s ears and limbs, while the lines of the word ‘dog’ are drawn as the pup’s belly and nose. Other drawings include a bike, a camel, a duck, a shark, and a pot of coffee.

Tammam, who says that he started the project as a personal challenge, has so far made 40 illustrations. He’s also included the pronunciations to these words to help student say them out loud.

To see more from the project, head on over here.

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