Featured Image for This jacket lets people ‘experience’ music through their body

This jacket lets people ‘experience’ music through their body

Japan always seems to find a way to take the world by storm. This jacket is no exception.

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK has found an exciting way to promote their new album – with a jacket. Made in collaboration with media artist Yoichi Ochiai, this lightweight jacket contains 20 miniature speakers so you can be immersed in music while looking stylish.

The jacket is available in two styles, a leather jacket and an MA-1 bomber. It took three months to design the clothing line, and it’s not surprising when you explore the item a little deeper.

The ONE OK ROCK jacket

It utilises speakers in the chest area for the majority of the song (the verse and such). However, when the chorus hits, all the speakers become active and the whole jacket becomes one giant speaker.

ONE OK ROCK released the jacket with their latest single ‘We Are’ being its first (and perhaps only) track.

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