Featured Image for The ‘Hater’ app just showed that Putin and Trump are also for love

The ‘Hater’ app just showed that Putin and Trump are also for love

The world right now might seem like it’s full of hate, but on Valentine’s Day, everyone was in a loving mood – and that included Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!

On Tuesday night, an illustration depicting the two leaders madly in love and expecting was posted in the New York City neighbourhoods of Chelsea and Williamsburg.

While we’d like to believe this is real, the image was part of a campaign promoting ‘Hater’, a new app that lets you match with potential partners based on the things you hate. Their hashtag even fits Putin and Trump quite perfectly: “#LoveThroughHate.”

Putin hugging Trump

According to Brendan Alper, CEO and Founder of Hater, the ads were made just for laughs. “There’s a lot of animosity out there, regardless of which side you’re on. We’re just trying to make people laugh. Through humor, hate can turn into love.”

Putin hugging Trump

Last year, Trump and Putin were also the subjects of a similar artwork, one depicting them locked in a passionate kiss.

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