This staged brawl between ice hockey mascots sets social media ablaze for being “out of control”

Fighting isn’t cool, but there’s something a little amusing about sporting team mascots fighting each other like giant piñatas.

Earlier in the month, a small mock fight between two hockey mascots actually turned into the real deal and gave the Minnesota Wild a little bit of a PR scare – and some apologising to do.

Apparently the kerfuffle began quite innocently in a celebration of Wild mascot Nordy’s “birthday.” It took a turn for the worse when Nordy was blindfolded for a piñata but ended up smashing Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk – ouch.

However, things got heavy when Nordy ignored all orders and continued to beat Tommy Hawk.

“Finally, Devils mascot NJ Devil stepped in and stopped the mock beating and with the help of another mascot dragged a seemingly unconscious – or perhaps dead – Tommy Hawk off the ice,” says reporter Chris Ku.

Anyway, the PR team for the Wild had a little bit of work to do and released a statement saying “[w]e apologise to anyone offended by the mascot skit Thursday night. It was certainly not our intention.”


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