Featured Image for Every February, this waterfall in Yosemite looks like it’s molten lava

Every February, this waterfall in Yosemite looks like it’s molten lava

At first glance, this fiery waterfall might seem like it can be found in Mordor, but it’s actually located in Yosemite National Park in California.

Every February, when the weather conditions are just right, the Horsetail Fall flowing down the rock formation El Capitan appears to turn into flowing lava for 10 minutes. The phenomenon is called ‘Firefall’ and it’s caused by sunlight reflecting on the water’s surface at just the right angle to make it glow a bright orange.

The stunning anomaly draws in hundreds of tourists and photographers each year – some arriving as early as 9AM just to get a good spot – to take pictures at sunset. And judging by these photos, the wait is totally worth it!

“It has gained popularity the last few years due to social media,” said National Park Service spokesman Scott Gediman. “People come from all over the world to see this.”

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