Featured Image for These photos of action figures look more dramatic than the movies

These photos of action figures look more dramatic than the movies

If ever Marvel and DC have any plans of rebooting their films, we know a guy who’d make a great director. (Spoiler: his name is not Zac Snyder).

Osaka-based photographer ‘hotkenobi’ takes his action figures on miniature adventures that look even better than the fight scenes in movies. Using dramatic and emotional poses, as well as stunning macro photography, he brings his characters to life in powerful (and sometimes funny) scenarios.

For instance, one picture imagines Captain America and Iron Man trying to catch a Pikachu, while another shows Superman and Batman having a beer can punching contest.

Other action figures included in the ongoing series are Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Hulk, Harley Quinn, and Bruce Lee.

You can see more of ‘hotkenobi’ and his work over on Instagram.

Via Design Taxi

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