Featured Image for Old churches turned into stunning houses will make you say ‘hallelujah’

Old churches turned into stunning houses will make you say ‘hallelujah’

Wasn’t it in the Bible that it’s what’s on the inside (or should I say, interiors) that counts?

Surely, you’ve heard of old Scottish chapels turned into bars, and we’ve done our fair share of stories on other cool and colourful ways to save dilapidated churches. But there’s nothing quite as practical as turning these neglected houses of worship to modern homes for the flock.

The awesome folks at My Modern Met listed over a dozen churches that have been beautifully restored and converted into residences. We’ve selected some favorites of our own, but be sure to click the link at the bottom for their picks.

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We’re all praises for reusing stained-glass windows.  When done right, it can be gorgeous.

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Sometimes, the narrowest spaces can be the most charming with a little TLC.

We’re big fans of natural light, and rustic is always a plus.

Some of these converted churches have massive amounts of space, so there’s always room for multiple couches.

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Via My Modern Met

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