Featured Image for Airport security discovers old woman’s cane to be a concealed sword

Airport security discovers old woman’s cane to be a concealed sword

Honest mistake or secret Bond villain? You decide.

Recently at Myrtle Beach International Airport in South Carolina, TSA agents discovered a sword concealed within an 80-year-old woman’s walking cane (not the one pictured above). The item was stashed in her carry-on luggage, and when security personnel gave its bronze handle a twist, the sword revealed itself.

According to TSA spokesman Mark Howell, the lady had no idea the cane – a gift from her son – was actually a sword. He added that these things happen all the time, noting how tourists buy souvenirs without knowing the items have concealed blades.

A TSA representative

The TSA confiscates so many of these strange things – including bone daggers, Batarangs, and alligator heads – that they’ve actually started an Instagram account about it.

Via Mashable

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