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There’s now a Van Gogh action figure with a detachable ear

Quebec-based art website ‘Today Is Art Day’ has come up with a Vincent Van Gogh action figure that has a pretty neat ability. No, it can’t make you priceless paintings, but it can detach its ears!

The five-inch action figure features the renowned artist in a blue coat with a sunflower pinned to his chest. He also comes with a paintbrush and replicas of his different paintings, such as The Sunflowers and The Starry Night.

But the best feature would have to be the realistic ears, which you can remove – just like how Van Gogh cut off his left ear to give as a gift (if the stories are true).

The product is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and is already nearing its funding goal of about AUS$19,970 (US$15,240). You can get your own figurine by pledging at least AUS$27 (US$21).

If you’re not into action figures but still want some ear-ripping fun, you can get this Van Gogh plushie instead.

Via Design Taxi

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