Featured Image for This website lets you mashup all your favourite 2000s songs

This website lets you mashup all your favourite 2000s songs

A collaboration between 50 Cent and Vanessa Carlton might seem odd and unlikely, but after listening to The Magic iPod, you’d wish they did.

The Magic iPod is a website where you can create mashups of your favourite mid-2000s hip-hop and rock tunes. And just like its name implies, it works like magic, blending together the most unrelated songs to make catchy compositions.

For instance, Lil Jon’s Get Low syncs perfectly with Smash Mouth’s All Star. Also, Twista’s Overnight Celebrity sounds amazing with OK Go’s Here It Goes Again.

Right now there are only 20 songs from each genre, with only certain combinations allowed. We hope, though, that the creator adds more artists soon. *cough* Nickelback *cough*

If you like the site, there’s even a donate button that goes to the ACLU Foundation. A look back at your emo days via Blink 182, while donating to charity? Sweet!

Via Mashable

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