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Old man brings cookies to church, gets accused of getting everyone high

Some go to church to get a spiritual high, others get high on something else.

Last year at the St John’s Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington, Indiana, six congregation members treated themselves to cookies – space cookies, that is.

The parishioners – aged 12 to 70 – reported the desserts tasted saltier than usual, and were brought to the ER after feeling “adverse effects.”

All six victims tested positive for cannabinoids. Their symptoms included nausea, sluggishness, and lethargy.

74-year-old church-goer Brian Jones admitted to baking the cookies but denied it was laced with THC. The police eventually got a warrant to search his residence and discovered an “orange pill bottle containing capsules of a brown, oily substance, which later tested positive for marijuana.”

Jones turned himself in and confessed his sin. He has been charged with criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil.

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