Fan’s epic 14-minute analysis of Radiohead’s Daydreaming video

You’ve never seen a music video dissected like this before.

Before anything else, if you haven’t seen Daydreaming, click here. Seen it? Awesome. Now let’s talk about the video essay in question.

The clip entitled Radiohead: The Secrets of Daydreaming comes from the scrupulous mind of filmmaker and video essayist Rishi Kaneria. If you’ve never heard of him before, that’s fine. Here’s a quick introduction via his YouTube channel, where he scrutinises mostly sound and visual motifs of filmmakers, from how Quentin Tarantino does profile shots to how Stanley Kubrick uses the color red.

Kaneria begins his thorough analysis of the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video by saying this:

“Like many great works of art, Radiohead’s latest music video makes you struggle for its inner meaning. It is a film that is stubbornly ambiguous and resolute at guarding its personal secrets.”

From there, Kaneria proceeds to his intensive unpackaging of the video, combining his personal observations with fan theories sourced from Reddit (credited in the video’s description). He arrives at his interpretations with utmost care, proving sufficient knowledge of frontman Thom Yorke’s personal life, at least on a superfan level.

Yorke wrote Daydreaming, and one can surmise that the video tells a very personal story. In the video, he looks terribly fatigued (physically and emotionally) as his life’s journey is represented by the doors he passes through, into various locations (Kaneria not only explains their relevance but breaks down specific shots).

Without getting too much into the details, we recommend Kaneria’s video essay to any Radiohead fan, film buff, or anyone who’s ever been left confused after watching a music video. It’s beautifully done and very much worth the watch.

Radiohead’s ninth studio album A Moon Shaped Pool is available on Amazon.

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