Featured Image for This guy was about to get laid until he made the mother of all mistakes

This guy was about to get laid until he made the mother of all mistakes

A quick tip to all the prospective male sexual partners in the world: never used the phrase ‘balls deep bro’. Seriously, not even in your own head. Just don’t use it. Ever.

Unfortunately one guy didn’t seem to get the memo.

After some dubious smooth talking via text message, this casanova secured a reluctant invitation to come over from the girl in question. Reckoning he was guaranteed a good time, he apparently got a little over exited and felt the need to broadcast his impending good fortune to a friend.

The unlucky error he made next is enough to make anyone cringe.

As if his failure to launch wasn’t enough punishment, @killermarecut‘s Tweet about this hapless fella has been shared over 120,000 times. That’ll probably do the trick of making him double check who he’s texting next time.

In a bizarre turn of events, some people on Twitter have misinterpreted @killermarecut’s Tweet to mean she likes this kind of behaviour. Rather than warning away the creeps out there it looks like many of them have taken it as encouragement, as shown by this Tweeted screenshot of her direct messages.

These dudes are clearly not thinking with their brains…

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