Featured Image for A statue’s nose fell off and the Japanese gave it a bandaid, of course

A statue’s nose fell off and the Japanese gave it a bandaid, of course

God bless the precious Japanese. May they never ever change their quirky ways.

In Kyoto, a statue of a Tengu – a legendary creature found in Japanese folklore – recently got an unexpected nose job. It had been snowing and a good amount had piled on top of the sculpture’s long nose, eventually causing it to break and fall off.

But because this is Japan we’re talking about, the locals were quick to respond to the creature’s gaping wound. Not with a new nose, but with a bandaid – a giant one, like they have those sizes just lying around!

Photos of the statue were first posted on the Spoon & Tamago Facebook page, where commenters wished the Tengu a speedy recovery.

A Tengu

Always be you, Japan! Always be you!

Via Spoon & Tamago

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