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Rapper cusses in autotune after getting worked up by security

If you’d been at Day For Night festival in Houston, Texas in December and happened to stop by to see Travis Scott, you would have been rewarded with a pretty eventful performance.

During the rap artist’s set, a security guard clearly decided to throw his weight around with the audience a little too much. Travis gave his mic to a fan to let them sing along to the track and smooth things over, but the idiot bouncer snatched it away before they could have their moment. Mr Scott was not pleased.

What followed was undoubtedly the highlight of the three-day festival, as Travis unleashed a stream of abuse at the security guard including such barbs as “You fucking big earlobe, earring-wearing, fat motherfucker,”… all without bothering to turn off the autotune.

#TravisScott wasn't happy when a security guard took the mic out of a fans hand! πŸ‘€πŸŽ€ @travisscott (@lordtravisscott) #WSHH

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The vocal processing tool has long been the saviour all those talented singers who can’t sing, but this is perhaps the first time it’s been used to enhance live abuse. Who knew serious profanity could sound so freaking melodious?

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