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This video game challenges you to survive high school detention

Welcome to detention in a 1960s East Asian school. Will you survive?

Detention has been creating a buzz within the gaming scene due to its atmospheric and thrilling vibes, vibes which are rarely captured in video games.

The game is set in fictitious Greenwood High School in the remote and mountainous terrain of Taiwan. The game is filled with puzzles, mystery, ominous objects and best of all, evil creatures. While playing as one of the main characters, you will need to interact with rooms from other worlds, horrifying mysteries and creatures.

To survive you must deflect the dark curse of this creepy setting.

The game incorporates some of the most typically Eastern cultural beliefs including Buddhism, Chinese mythology, Taoism, and local Taiwanese references. Altogether, it creates a deeply horrific vibe.

The game is made more unusual by the gripping original soundtrack which includes an array of Asian instruments and musical structures to enhance the atmosphere and authenticity of the game.

The game is supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux, so it’s accessible by a variety of users.

Great, we can all be horrified together.

The game’s website has an official demo up for grabs, so head over and test it out.


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