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Underwear from the 70s might get your panties in a bunch

What better fashion item to be cheeky with than that which warms your bum cheeks?

A 1970s fashion label created some hilariously awkward undies with illustrations smack over the hoo-ha. They came with bizarre ads that read “underwear that’s funtawear” featuring fit people from the 70s baring it all while also wearing roller skates.

According to Dangerous Minds, these peculiar panties came from a brand called British Bulldog, although I can’t currently find them on Google. Perhaps they went out of fashion completely, much like their unique undies.

The internet seems quite appalled at this apparel, but I’ve always been a fan of the tacky. From parking meters that read “4 hour limit” to yellow oranges that read “fresh squeezed,” I do enjoy imagining others’ reactions to these silly garments if I actually were going to wear them. (And if I were to wear them, of course I’d have to show them off.)

It appears the undies were available to both men and women. I wonder if these will go down in history as better or worse than the thong sensation of the late 90s. The history under our clothes is fascinating but certainly not brief.

British Bulldog undies in a variety of styles including a leaf, an ice cream cone and a candy cane right on the crotch.

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