Featured Image for This upmarket restaurant is hiring criminals and the results have been incredible

This upmarket restaurant is hiring criminals and the results have been incredible

For as long as humans were cunning enough to screw their mates over, we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to rehabilitate offenders.

One US restaurant thinks it might just have found the answer.

Edwins is a French restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio that’s taken the radical step of employing former criminals.

200 ex-cons have done a six-month rotation at Edwins where they complete 40-50 hours of work, as well as receiving a wage, tips and donations from patrons.

It was founded by Brandon Chrostowski, who had a deeply personal motivation for his business model.

He described himself to the Press Union as a “reckless teenager” who was arrested and put on probation.

During that time Chrostowski was mentored by a local chef who set him on the straight and narrow – changing his life forever.

Edwins takes his own personal experience and rolls it out for hundreds of troubled youths looking for a second chance.

And the results?

Of the 200 ‘students’ that have passed through his program, zero, yep zero, have reoffended – and a whopping 90 per cent have gained permanent employment.

Given the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the entire world, maybe judges and politicians should take a leaf out of Brandon’s book.

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