Featured Image for Amazing ballpoint pen drawings depict what modern-day Buddhas look like

Amazing ballpoint pen drawings depict what modern-day Buddhas look like

An illustrator interested in contemporary Japanese and American pop culture, Andrew Browne has come up with a series of drawings depicting pop culture Buddhas.

The illustrations from his latest series Idols are impressive Buddha beauties, and they become even more enjoyable to see when you learn they were all drawn using ballpoint pens. He’s created quite a variety of idols, ranging from Darth Vader to a Japanese schoolgirl to a ‘Salaryman’.

On his website, he writes that he draws with ballpoint pens because the quality is like intaglio and lithography, ink’s permanence makes him strive for perfection and that the work is meditative.

I’m glad he thinks it’s meditative, because when I imagine doing what he does with just a ballpoint pen, stressful or impossible sounds like a better adjective.

Check out some fantastic snaps from his Instagram account below.

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