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Man forgets where he parked his BMW, finds it six months later

Like all of us, a man from Scotland forgot where he parked his car. Unlike all of us, it didn’t take him minutes to find it – it took him six months!

In June, the man borrowed a mate’s BMW and drove to Manchester to watch a Stone Roses concert. He parked the vehicle in one of the area’s many garages then promptly went off to enjoy the show.

Upon returning, he couldn’t figure out where he left the BMW. It would take him FIVE DAYS of frantic searching before giving up. The owner contacted the parking garages, but to no avail, and eventually reported his car as lost or stolen.

Last Friday, police officers stumbled upon the missing vehicle in one of the parking lots and poked fun at it with a tweet:

The officers also estimate the parking ticket would now cost a whopping AUS$8,400 (US$6,150).

This isn’t the first time someone forgot where they placed their vehicle on an epic scale. In December 2010, a German had the same dilemma and couldn’t locate his wheels until two years later!

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