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Whoops! Man mistakes hand grenade for a nutcracker for 25 years

Hand grenades are good at dismembering body parts and taking lives. But a man in China has proven that it’s also a pretty effective kitchen utensil.

A villager from Shaanxi Province had unknowingly been using a Chinese Type 67 defensive hand grenade – similar to the stick grenades the Germans used in World War I – as a nutcracker for more than two decades.

He received the weapon from a ‘friend’ back in 1991, but only realised what it was after seeing a government leaflet about prohibited explosives.

“He realized [he] possessed a forbidden explosive, and had been banging it against things for years,” wrote China Radio International.

Shocked, the man immediately surrendered the item to the police.

Chinese social media, meanwhile, blew up after hearing the nutty story. One commenter asked, “Why would a friend gift him a bomb?” Another said: “It’s more stable than a Samsung phone.”

Speaking of phones, maybe he can get a Nokia as a replacement nutcracker?

Via Atlas Obscura

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