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Artist sculpts mind-blowing rocks that are soft and wrinkly

One look at the works of Spanish sculptor Jose Manuel Castro Lopez, and you’ll question everything you know about rocks (and also common sense).

The Coruña, Spain-based artist skillfully manipulates solid materials like quartz and granite into illusions. His sculptures resemble rocks and boulders, yet have strange properties, such as being able to fold, peel, twist, and wrinkle.

It’s truly a bizarre sight. You’d think you’re looking at clay or skin, rather than hard and inflexible stuff like rocks. According to Lopez, his unconventional artworks were inspired by Galician mythology:

“It is not the sculptor who acts, but the wizard, the druid,” he told The Creators Project. “My relationship with the stone is not physical, but magical. It recognizes me, it obeys me…we understand each other. My stones are not lifeless. They manifest themselves.”

You can see find out more about Jose Manuel Castro Lopez and his work here.

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