Featured Image for There are now champagne vending machines because sometimes dreams do come true

There are now champagne vending machines because sometimes dreams do come true

I thought it was revolutionary when you could use a credit card to pay for your vending-machine potato chips, but this champagne dispenser proves there’s no limit to innovation when it comes to instant gratification and alcohol.

Metro reported that these vending machines are available only for hire in London. (You can’t just buy them individually at train station, but wouldn’t it be great if you could?!)

Launched by Moet and Chandon, the vending machines can hold up to 350 bottles of champagne, and all you have to do to get one is show up to the party where they are being served, and push the “push for champagne” button.

For the hardcore alcoholics, this is merely a step in the right – or wrong – direction. Champagne vending machines are merely a gateway tool, surely more clever booze distributions are on the horizon.

Moët Vending Machine 🍾#poppin’ #whatmorecouldyouaskfor? #moetmoments #allbarone #freeona #herrotitty

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