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Double-parked car gets thoroughly pranked, deserves every last bit

There are many awful people in this world, none however, more awful than double-parkers.

It’s the senselessness of the act that really gets me – it’s just so incredibly easy to not park in two places.

And what happens when you get out of the car and see that you’ve double-parked?

“Oh yeah, this is fine. I deserve these two places. Other people can just park somewhere else. Also, is there a kitten I can kick in the face?”

PLUS it’s Christmas, what sort of monster does this at a time when parking spaces more valuable than any other time of the year?

But sometimes in this cruel world, the people get justice:

Double Parked

Sweet, sweet karma. (Facebook/Matthew Mills)

In a Walmart parking lot, the good people of Biddeford, Maine responded to the hostile act with non-violent protest.

Ghandi would be proud.

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