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Guy hilariously recreates movie scenes with his … … … … cat

The bond between an animal and its master is an undeniable force. But what happens when a couple of movie enthusiasts combine their love for film and their furry feline?

David and Sarah, a couple from the UK, have brought their acting skills to the world by recreating scenes from some of your favourite classics.

What’s different about these images is that the stars of the show are Willow and Tara, the couple’s beloved cats.

The idea came from the couple combining two things they love and hoping that they could bring some laughs to a wider audience. Basically cats make everything better, so having them star in some iconic films would be very entertaining.

The couple told Love Meow that “The cats clearly think we’re weird, but they get loads of treats doing it which tends to be their main focus.”

Thank goodness bribery works with animals, right?

The couple post to their Instagram page Movie Cats which already has a healthy 48 thousand followers. Each post is a bit of a challenge for their fans to guess which movie the cats and the owners are trying to recreate. It’s easy to lose time scrolling through their page trying to guess every single movie.

The page has become so popular that creating these film scenes is now a weekly occurrence for the couple and their fur babies.


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