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San Francisco covered by a sea of fog is breathtaking to see

Nick Steinberg, a photographer from San Francisco, documents his city being battered by waves – fog waves, that is.

For the last eight years, Steinberg has been capturing the thick fog that envelopes the Bay Area during the summer months. He goes up to Mt. Tamalpais and spends the entire morning shooting the fog rolling in.

He does this in-camera and without Photoshop too, only relying on his photography skills and knowledge of the weather patterns. The resulting photos look like silk blanketing the city below, with the neon sky providing a lovely contrast.

“What amazes me most about fog is the fact that no two shots are ever the same,” Steinberg told Colossal. “This is what I call, ‘subtlety of movement’ where there are small windows of opportunity with fog as it evaporates, moves in, and undulates.

“This requires decisive action, tests your photographic skills, and requires one to be ‘present’ in the moment, and ‘ride’ along with [the fog].”

You can see more of Nick Steinberg’s photography on Instagram.

Via This Is Colossal

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