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These trains in Denmark look like they’re about to take over the world

Michael Knudsen, a photographer from Denmark, has captured what looks like the beginning of the robot rebellion.

The stunning image shows three trains stationed side by side, their carriages appearing like the bodies of mechanical snakes. What’s more eerie, though, are their headlights glowing like red fiery eyes staring right at us!

The photo, which went viral on the Bored Panda Facebook page, has people comparing the locomotives to Thomas the Tank Engine. The evil, world domination-seeking version of the train, that is. Others likened it to the hottest metal album cover of the year.

Knudsen has an entire photography series on the trains and their depot, some of which you can see below.

Via Bored Panda


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    Sunday 18 December 2016

    Are this photos real? They look for me so unnatural (photoshop or generated graphic)