Giant wearable cat heads are now on sale and they are realistically creepy

    Cats are pretty darn adorable. Unless, of course, their head is thrice the size of yours.

    Originally conceived by Japanese textile artist Houseto Sato, these enlarged cat heads have had people wanting to get one ever since he posted images of them on Facebook. They aren’t cheap, though, with the most basic model going for at least AUS$6,600 (US$5,000).

    Each cat head takes three months to complete and Sato is currently only offering them to residents of Japan. But rumour has it, he might make an exception if you ask him nicely.

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    Milo Sumner is a day-dreamer, living and breathing in London. When feeling low, he tends to cut loose and chase after dogs in the park. Otherwise he can usually be found pondering what to have for lunch.

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      Thursday 6 October 2016

      The thing is, this is not furry ffs.