Featured Image for Girl gets photobombed by a rude seagull who wanted her ice cream

Girl gets photobombed by a rude seagull who wanted her ice cream

A Thai student visiting the UK was taking a photo of her ice cream when she was photobombed by a rude local: a seagull.

The funny incident happened at Brighton Beach, where 23-year-old Tara Dalyntara was chilling with two friends. “I travelled there because it was a long weekend with two of my friends. We ate some fresh seafood like oysters and fish,” she said.

Tara was about to have a soft-serve cone but decided to take a pic of it first. Unfortunately, two seagulls rudely went in for a quick snack.

“I was shocked and stunned for a while, then I realised that my beloved ice cream was taken by a big seagull,” she added.

“I was a bit upset and angry because it happened in just three seconds! It was so fast, and yes not only one seagull, but two. My friends laughed at me and shared one bite of their ice cream … I was in no mood to eat it.”

The unforgettable photo has been liked and shared more than 37,000 times.

ภาพต้นเหตุฉบับเต็ม สามวิเท่านั้น มันเลือกเหยื่อจากด้านหลัง… ไอนกกก เหลือแค่โคน.. เอาไปทำรังมึงด้วยเลยมั้ย เผื่อไปวางไข่ไรงี้ just only 3 seconds then its gone. i hope the bird took that ice-cream's cone too and used it to build its nest. f* bird #dlyntrfromwhereistand

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my icecream 😭😭😭 #dlyntrfromwhereistand

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