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The elderly in Portugal are learning to become the next Banksy

Q: What two words start with a G and are never used in the same sentence?
A: Grandmas and Grafitti.

No, this is not a new pop punk band, this is an actual thing happening right now. To be fair, not everyone involved is a grandparent, but the elderly folks of Lisbon, Portugal, are learning how to create stencils and their own street tag, with the help of well-known street artists in the area.

An article in Springwise is onto the trend. “LATA 65 is a community art project designed in partnership by WOOL – The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã and Cowork Lisboa. The project’s goals are to create and strengthen connections between generations, and de-stigmatize the practice of street art by inspiring creativity at all ages.”

LATA 65 has a great Facebook page showing off photos their engaged elderly.

I’d love to see this trend internationally, as there’s definitely not enough public art in the world. Maybe in exchange, the old folks can teach the graffiti artists how to grow gardens and make delicious baked goods, and we’ll be one step closer to world peace.

senior citizens spray painting

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