Featured Image for Writer finds himself witnessing Edward Snowden vs a group of teenage girls on Twitter!

Writer finds himself witnessing Edward Snowden vs a group of teenage girls on Twitter!

In an act of supreme randomness only made possible by the wonder of the internet, American sports writer Dave Lozo recently found himself in a Twitter group message with a lot of teenage girls, The New Yorker, and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (among others). Before the fun was over, everybody was completely confused.

Dave began with asking some shrewd questions designed to achieve a deeper understanding of the teenagers’ unique perspective on the world…

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Some genius had invited Edward Snowden’s official twitter account to the group too, but he was keeping his silence at first. He’s got to be careful after all, it could be a trap!

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Fortunately for all involved, Edward soon piped up, and even started asking the girls some questions of his own.

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With the safety of the group in mind, Edward had to make a speedy departure, but not before delivering this warning: “You guys are the best, but yeah. The FBI does have a warrant on me, so you might not want to include me in your DMs unless you want them to have copies of them. Stay free out there.”

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