Featured Image for Artist Federico Babina imagines what famous film directors would look like as houses

Artist Federico Babina imagines what famous film directors would look like as houses

Have you ever wondered what Edward Scissorhands director Tim Burton would look like as a house?

Artist and architecture lover Federico Babina has created a project called ‘ArchiDirectors’, which perfectly expresses what some of cinema’s greatest directors would look like in architectural form.

Tim Burton’s creepy and twisted fantasies are beautifully conveyed as a ramshackle shack, perilously supported by stilt-like legs. If you look closely you can see nods to the wonderful Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie.

It wouldn’t be an Alfred Hitchcock building without a few Birds and some Vertigo-inducing target=”_blank”.

David Lynch’s building is a sleek, modernist, dark and foreboding block, with nods to his use of symbolism – and of course, classic red curtains.

Balanced symmetry and timeless sci-fi patterns make up Stanley Kubrick’s house. HAL 9000’s watching red eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey takes centre place, keeping an eye on everything.

Other classic directors turned buildings including Federico Fellini, Charlie Chaplin, Jacques Tati and the Coen Brothers. Directors are the architects of cinema after all.

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