Featured Image for Japan is getting a Mario Kart theme park and our childhood has come full circle

Japan is getting a Mario Kart theme park and our childhood has come full circle

What costs $350 million, features your favourite Nintendo characters, and lets you hurtle around a go-kart course at fast speeds while throwing turtle shells at strangers? REAL LIFE MARIO KART!

Japan has done it again. Not satisfied with building a real life Hogwarts, Universal Studios Osaka is preparing to build a Mario Kart inspired go-kart course!

There are only vague details of the theme park attraction available at this stage, though with a 2020 completion date, there are only a few short years until you can go on your very own Rainbow Road adventure.

Presumably staff will be dressed up in full Nintendo cosplay for photo opportunities with Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach and Bowser.

We would love to get classic power-ups like speed-boosting mushrooms, invincibility stars and slippery bananas. The chances of actually being allowed to throw turtle shells to knock your opponents off course is pretty slim, though we hold onto hope that we at least get access to the competition-destroying thunderbolt.

If you have a Nintendo console you can start practicing right now.

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