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‘Lonely as sh*t’ guy posts flyer in town looking for new friends

When moving to a different town, most people meet new friends at work, the local bar, even church. But one guy wanted friends and wanted them fast, so he put up flyers all over town, begging for new mates.

Redditor actualguy69 posted the image onto the site this week. At first it looked like a prank — after all, who pastes their face all around town, accompanied with an email address? Alas, the image was not a fake, and there really is a ‘lonely as shit’ guy in Richmond looking for buddies.

His poster was straight to the point, too, explaining he likes pizza, beer, Seinfeld, and women. Fair enough. And his dislikes? Panic attacks, no pizza and being lonely. Awww.

Even though the poster was cringey as hell, you’ve got to admit it’s an innovative way to meet people, although who knows what kind of people this guy will meet. But at least he won’t be lonely anymore.

Via Someecards

Lonely guy
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