Emerging filmmaker Alizée Lafon wows us with her creative montage

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You’ve probably seen more than a handful of montage videos, but we came across one that’s killing it on the web: Fragments. This short was created by Alizée Lafon, a talented filmmaker and art director from Paris, France.

Fragments took a long time to create, due to Alizée watching every movie in its entirety before taking the perfect scene away for editing. Oh, and the cutting is flawless.

We asked Alizée a few questions to get to know her — and her work — a little better.

We loved Fragments, what inspired you to create it?

‘Thanks. That was an irrepressible envy to develop a montage as a tribute for the seventh art, my first passion’.

There are a lot of clips in Fragments — how long did it take to make the montage?

‘It took a little more than one year, adding new movies in the edit all along the months of process’.

How did you find each short clip for the film? Was there a lot of research involved?

‘I meticulously watch each masterpiece to extract some key shots, also adding personal reference ones’.

As well as a filmmaker, you’re also an artist. Can you tell us about your Cinephile Kits series (check out Alizée’s Cinephile Kits here)?

‘That illustrative series was, above all, a tribute to cinema then declined around full-length movies with a major art direction’.

Do you have a favorite film? What makes it so special?

‘Not one, but an intact admiration for emblematic directors such as [Ingmar] Bergman, Wim Wenders, [Luchino] Visconti, Milos Forman, [David] Lynch, [Pedro] Almodovar, among (lots of) others’.

Check out Alizée Lafon’s work on her website, Vimeo and Behance.

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