Featured Image for The world’s first breathing, foldable sauna is up for rent

The world’s first breathing, foldable sauna is up for rent

This mobile sauna is the first sauna which makes use of fabric. The combination of canvas and wool give it a very warm, intimate feeling, which is completely different to the traditional sauna.

The sauna was developed over two years by Studio Elmo Vermijs in order to create a new type of sauna experience where the user can fold it up and take it anywhere at all. This mobility ensures that the users can enjoy a sauna experience and enjoy the landscape at the same time.

The interior has the capacity to fit four to six people, and consists of a changing room, shower bench and wood basket. When renting the sauna, users are given luxurious bathrobes, towels, slippers, various aromas, and bottles of purified water.

Sounds like an ideal experience! For more information on the sauna (or renting it), click here.

Breathing foldable sauna
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