This Friday, you can help Zambrero pack 350,000 meals for the hungry all around Australia

This coming Friday is World Food Day, but instead of a day spent Instagramming your meals, WFD is a day to take action against hunger. As part of World Food Day, Zambrero is inviting local communities across Australia to participate in a Stop Hunger Now event where 350,000 meals will be packaged and donated to hungry people.

Zambrero is currently recruiting volunteers to donate just two hours of their time packing nutritious meals. The meals packaged on Friday 16th October will be distributed around Australia and also the Philippines, with packages including dehydrated soy, rice and lentils fortified with 21 essential vitamins and nutrients.

Volunteers will work in teams funneling the ingredients into packages while being led by specially trained Zambrero staff members. With just 50 volunteers, around 10,000 meals can be packaged in just a couple of hours during this event!

There’s no better excuse to take time off work! To volunteer for the day, register here.

Here are the Zambrero World Food Day meal packaging event locations around Australia:
Perth 11am-2pm
NIB Stadium, South Marquee, 310 Pier St, East Perth
Meals Packaging Target: 55,080
Volunteers required: 220

Adelaide 10am-12pm
Thebarton Hall, 139 South Road, Thebarton
Meals Packaging Target: 25,056
Volunteers required: 100

Brisbane 1pm – 2pm or 2.30pm-3.30pm
Brisbane Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills
Meals Packaging Target: 55,080
Volunteers required: 220

Canberra 4.30pm-7.30pm
Belconnen Arts Centre Foyer, 118 Emu Bank
Meals Packaging Target: 55,080
Volunteers required: 220

Melbourne 9am-11am or 1pm-3pm
Grand Buffet Hall, 2nd floor, Union House, Tin Alley, Melbourne University, Parkville
Meals Packaging Target: 55,080
Volunteers required: 220 (110 per session)

Townsville 10am-12pm or 4pm-6pm
Meals Packaging Target: 55,080
Volunteers required: 220 (110 per session)

Wagga Wagga 11am-1pm or 5pm-7pm
Murrumbidgee Turf Club, Champagne Bar, Slocum St, Wagga Wagga
Meals Packaging Target: 40,176
Volunteers required: 160 (80 per session)

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