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Gone too far? Disney princesses as… hotdogs

We’ve presented you with a lot of Disney Princesses As… stories over the years. Disney Princesses as Nicolas Cage. Disney Princesses as lukewarm bowls of water. And Disney Princesses inked up. But maybe the whole reinventing of Disney Princesses has gone a bit too far with this next one: Disney Princesses… as hotdogs.

The hungry folks over at Lucky Peach have come up with this new series that takes Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and Pocahontas, and reinvents them as hotdogs with mustard, Sriracha, and processes cheese.

I’ve gotta say, as much as I hate the idea, someone over at Lucky Peach is pretty handy in the kitchen and somehow made hotdogs look (kinda, maybe, sorta) like the Disney Princesses.

And what did Lucky Peach learn from the experience? In a most sarcastic ending, they note: ‘We can’t stress enough how inspiring it was to see the Disney princesses as hot dogs. It was incredible to imagine these hot dogs doing all of the great passive things that the original princesses did, like looking nice, singing beautiful songs, marrying princes (hot dog wedding!), and getting helped by men’.

Via Lucky Peach

Disney princess hotdogs
Disney princess hotdogs
Disney princess hotdogs
Disney princess hotdogs

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