Featured Image for Feasting on Rainbow Doritos is the best way to celebrate LGBT pride

Feasting on Rainbow Doritos is the best way to celebrate LGBT pride

Devouring an entire bag of chips by yourself might not be good for your diet, but it could be for love and equality. Doritos recently announced a limited-edition flavour that paints every chip in the bag with the colours of the Pride flag.

Called the Doritos Rainbows, the bag consists of multiple rainbow-coloured chips with a Cool Ranch taste. There’s a catch though. You won’t find the product in stores, but rather, online. Proceeds will go to the ‘It Gets Better Project’, an initiative that aims to make the lives of LGBT community members better.

Binge on chips AND not feel guilty? I’m in! You can go here to donate $10 or more and receive a bag of Doritos Rainbows.

Limited Edition Doritos are here. To get a bag, donate $10 or more and show your support. All proceeds go to @itgetsbetter. #BoldAndBetter Link in profile!

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