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Fuzzberta the guinea pig is better at cosplaying than you

Instagram is going crazy – and rightly so – for a little guinea pig name Fuzzberta. It’s not just her name that’s cute, either. This little charmer is melting our hearts with her too-cute and too-funny cosplay outfits. Yes, a guinea pig has a whole wardrobe full of costumes, get used to it!

Fuzzberta already has 25k followers on Instagram (follow her here) and gets photographed on a regular basis in front of a simple felt background. Costumes so far have been pretty epic. We’re talking miniature nurse hats, a spot-on Harry Potter outfit,  a bank robber get-up, and a hipster theme that sees Fuzzberta listening to beats on her teeny weeny smartphone.

Move over, cats and capybaras – the guinea pig is taking the interwebz by storm!

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Bank robber guinea
Cozplay guinea
Cute guinea pig
Guinea Pig
Guinea tea
Nurse guinea
Pikachu guinea pig
Rocker pig

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