Featured Image for The internet wins again with photos of cats in kimonos

The internet wins again with photos of cats in kimonos

Well, Internet, you win again. Not satisfied with regular pictures of their pet cats, certain cat owners in Japan are dressing their furry felines up in traditional kimonos. Teeny, tiny kitty kimonos.

But it’s not just for the sake of imaginary Internet points. These cat owners dress their pets up to celebrate different holidays throughout the year, such as New Years. What I’m wondering while looking at these pictures is – were these kimonos actually made for cats? Or were they made for babies – even toys – and then put on cats? And how do cat owners even get these kimonos onto their cats? Do they have to bribe them with sardines? There are more questions here than answers!

Via Rocket News 24

A cat in a kimono in Japan
A cat dressed in a colourful kimono
A cat wears a kimono
Cat in kimono

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