Featured Image for At US$1000 a pound, this is the world’s most expensive cheese

At US$1000 a pound, this is the world’s most expensive cheese

Say ‘cheese’ because you you deserve to smile if you can afford to pay for the world’s most expensive cheese. And it’s made from donkey’s milk to boot.

Before you heehaw with any kind of unsuppressed emotion, please know that this ‘Pule Cheese’ is made from 100 per cent Balkan donkey milk from just one single herd of Balkan donkeys that exists on a farm in the Zasavica Special Nature Preserve of Serbia.

These already endangered donkeys are terribly precious and extremely reluctant to produce too much milk. Fifteen donkeys will only agree to yield a gallon of milk, knowing only too well that it takes 3.5 gallons to make a pound of pule cheese. As such, only 200 pounds of pule cheese a year is offered by these donkeys, so it’s really a case of Economics 101: Demand and Supply.

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pule cheese

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