Featured Image for Accurate body painting shows how a baby fits inside a pregnant woman’s belly

Accurate body painting shows how a baby fits inside a pregnant woman’s belly

Ever wondered how an entire human could fit inside another human for 9 months? Dutch maternal and infant photographer Leonie Versantvoort shows us how using something as simple as body paint.

In her ‘Bellypaint’ project, Versantvoort collaborated with body and face painter Marieke can den Dungen-Crone in illustrating a clear picture of what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy. The anatomy-themed belly painting shows the mother’s organs making room for the amniotic sac, the cavity where the fetus resides. Meanwhile, the baby is sound asleep upside-down, seemingly hugging his/her umbilical cord.

‘It’s a beautiful artist rendering of an almost full-term baby, except the opening of the vagina is a tiny bit off and should be a little further up’, Ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck tells Yahoo Parenting. ‘But it’s otherwise perfect and cool as can be, with the baby’s head is in the right presentation, ready to be born’.

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