by Rachel Oakley in New Trends on Tuesday 19 May 2015

Remember Setsu? Oh, she was such a beautiful cat with her big blue eyes and white fur. But when she fell asleep she gave everyone nightmares with her ugly sleeping face. Well now Setsu-chan, as she’s formally named, is on Kickstarter and needs your help in getting her photobook project funded.

Setsu and her owner Mino are making a photobook to bring Setsu to the millions of people who adore ugly-faced sleeping cats. For a pledge of $20, you’ll receive a photobook full of Setsu and her sleepy face. Pledge $95 and you’ll get a photobook plus a t-shirt with Setsu on the front to show off to all your friends!

Mino, Setsu’s human, describes herself as single, the owner of five cats, and only leaving the house for cat food.

Setsu’s Kickstarter project kicks off May 19th and hopes to raise $10,000 to make this cute kitty an even bigger star than she already is!