Featured Image for These micro tattoos are so small, even Grandma would approve (probably)

These micro tattoos are so small, even Grandma would approve (probably)

Gone are the days when you had to settle for an enormous tattoo across your arm to make a statement (live and learn, I guess). Instead, those that want to make a statement without inking prime real estate on their bodies can grab a micro tattoo.

Seoul-based tattoo artist Seoeon has reinvented the classic tattoo by scaling it down quite a bit and using lots of geometric patterns and quirky designs for a tattoo worthy of 21st century sensibilities. From tiny snow flakes on the back of one’s neck to tiny little crescent shapes just above the wrist, Seoeon makes it so anyone can rock a tattoo, even those that aren’t quite sure about them yet.

Check out more of his designs on Instagran, here.

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Seoeon tattoo
Seoeon tattoo 4
Seoeon tattoo 5
Seoeon tattoo 6
Seoeon tattoo 7
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Seoeon tattoo

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