Featured Image for Cute and weird creatures by Hong Kong graffiti artist, Bao Ho

Cute and weird creatures by Hong Kong graffiti artist, Bao Ho

Hong Kong’s street art scene has been slowly but surely blooming. Like the greenery in this city, bits of it have been gradually peeking out from behind the greyness of the sidewalks and skyscrapers, adding splashes of colour that brighten up this concrete jungle. With international street artists like French mosaic master Invader contributing their pieces to the walls of the SAR, and street art festivals such as HKWalls being held around town, the people’s appetite for visual stimulation amid the concrete jungle has been whetted.

Bao Ho is one artist whose bright and cheerful work captured my attention. Also a freelance illustrator, she is recent contributor to the HKWalls event in Stanley. Her art is filled with unusual and whimsical characters, with warm and quirky expressions that contrast their unusual and sometimes twisted designs.

Check out more of Bao Ho’s work here.

Bao Ho art
Bao Ho art
Bao ho art
Bao Ho art
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