Featured Image for This origami expert amazes with what he can do with paper

This origami expert amazes with what he can do with paper

I claim to be an expert on origami because I can make paper stars and cranes. Yes, that’s two different types! Then along comes Adam Tran who just has to put me in my place with his amazing paper folds of dinosaurs, preying mantises, winged gladiators and so much more.

Tran is a chemistry teacher in Vietnam who also happens to be an origami artist, and a member of the Vietnam Origami Group.

Visit him on Flickr to see more of his amazing work – the guy absolutely nails fake flowers, and his cakes look good enough to eat.

His Flickr also has the prints for how he folds some of his artworks, in case you want to have a go at creating a ridiculously intricate piece of origami.

Via This Is Colossal

Animals made in origami style
Gladiator made in origami style d
Animals made in origami style c
Animals made in origami style b

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