Featured Image for This artist creates landscape artworks using only a magnifying glass

This artist creates landscape artworks using only a magnifying glass

Talk about unconventional! Armed only with a magnifying glass, indigenous artist Jordan Mang-osan utilizes the powers of the sun to create pyrographic etchings on wood. Growing up among the Igorot tribe, he recreates the lush and mountainous landscapes of his native region in the Mountain Provinces.

How does he do it? He starts by sketching a design, then focuses the rays of the sun on the artwork using the magnifying glass. The process is time-consuming, requiring a ton of patience to carefully etch the darkened lines into the wood until an image is finally formed. One artwork usually takes several months to finish.

You can find out more about Mang-osan on his Facebook page. You can also purchase his work on Fine Art America.

Via My Modern Met

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