Amazing footage! Two kangaroos box in the middle of a residential street

As Australians, we’ve seen our fair share of kangaroos on farms and roadsides. Heck, even in the big cities there’s occasionally kangaroos on the loose in backyards. But this scene, showing two big buck kangaroos going toe-to-toe, is pretty dinky-di impressive.

The marsupial ballet (or battle?) runs for more than five minutes, with a couple of big kicks at 1:08 and 2:45. Even better, the video is set to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers, giving you all the more reason to sit back and watch nature at its finest, rather than listen to the grunts and slaps of the ‘roos.

Southern Grey kangaroos can reach up to seven foot tall – around 2.1 metres – especially the males. That’s easily tall enough to duke out some significant blows. Take a look at the incredible video below.

Via Techly

2 kangaroos fighting
2 kangaroos fighting
2 kangaroos fighting
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