Featured Image for Photographer Li Hui takes you into a Dream World with her surreal photographs

Photographer Li Hui takes you into a Dream World with her surreal photographs

Welcome to the Dream World of Li Hui, an imaginative oneironaut who likes to journey deep into the dream realm with her camera to return with surreal images that are totally out of this world.

Her images may be otherworldly, but they evoke a certain sense of familiarity; by placing herself in front of the camera, Li Hui allows you to connect with the image on a psychic level and fully immerse yourself in some bizarre Freudian mind trip. 

Li Hui perceptively composes multiple exposures into one cohesive image that you can easily relate to (despite their lack of any concrete meaning). She captures everything in soft focus and takes advantage of the grainy quality of film to set a very ethereal atmosphere—transporting you into a dream-state without having to close your eyes. 

Her work is so mesmerizing that it’s hard to see them as mere photographs, but rather tangible evidence that dreams can indeed be recorded.


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